Without injuries into the mountains

Are you missing power and explosivity during your trail runners? Or do you want to jump like Killian Jornett (famous trail runner) from rock to rock? Then this 12-week strength training program is exactly what you need.

in this 12-week strength training program for TRAIL runners you can expect:

Exercises focused on injury prevention so you can keep on enjoying the mountains without any inconveniences. 

Specific exercises focused on improving the power of the muscles you use during trail runs.  

Extra tips to get the most out of your trainings in the mountains

Hi, I am Lisa Geybels.

In 2020 I started focusing more and more on trail running. Since then, I have gotten some nice results during races, however, this would never have been possible without strength training. 


In this 12-week strength training program for TRAIL runners I will be sharing with you the same strength exercises that I also use to prepare myself for a race or adventure in the mountains. 

How this program works?

Every week you will be able to download your training of that week and also get acces to video’s that give more explanation about the exercises. 

Some weeks will also contain a bonus video to provide you with more knowledge about certain exercises. 

At the end of this schedule I will explain how you can repeat this schedule and still get results. 

You are only one step away of becoming a stronger and faster trail runner.

This is the exact same schedule I also use to prepare myself for an adventure in the mountains or a trail race.