The past few weeks I have been gradually increasingly my weekly volume and also the intensity of my workouts. I feel again the same as before I was overtrained, and I really am happy with how things are going.

Weekly volume

Step by step, I am slowly increasing my weekly volume again. Last week, I had a total of 50K. And to be honest, I think I will leave it like that for awhile. Although I am really excited to try a loooot more, it is for the best to maintain this for a while to see how my body reacts and then increase.

Back on track


In January, I could run 300m at 15km/u for a couple of times and that was my max. Now, I can run one K at the same pace, also a couple of times. Progress is not always noticeable in the big things, but most of the time in the small things. So, if you are training for a certain goal/ distance, try to focus on the small improvements instead of always looking at the big ones. If will keep you more motivated.

Exciting future

The reason why I am taking everything so ‘slow’ and with a lot of precaution, is because I really do not want to get injured now. I have some pretty exciting things planned for the coming months (more about this later), so it really would be a pity if I would have to cancel those simply because I could not handle my enthusiasm.

One year anniversary

And last but not least, Lis(t)a Coaching celebrated it first years anniversary on March the 14th. I am incredibly happy and grateful for where I am currently standing. The best part is yet to come, when competitions can start again.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

xoxo Lisa

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