Are you ready to unlock a new level of your running potential?

We want to help you to become a better (& happier) runner through the knowledge & help of professionals.

Are you stuck on a training platform and you don’t know how to improve? 


Done with searching for answers on the internet for hours and ending up with even more questions? 


You want a coach but can’t fully commit because of financial reasons or other priorities?


You just started running and don’t know where to start? 

If you said 'yes' to at least one question, our group coaching might be something for you.

How this group coaching works:

You get 1x/ month personal feedback on your training plan

Every month there will be webinars about different running topics given by our professionals

Tools on how to improve as a runner based on scientific evidence

Who are the professionals?



At the age of 21, Lisa had already run 3 full marathons. During the pandemic she started first with making training plans for just friends but then quickly evolved, because of the huge success, and has since then helped over 220 runners reach their goals.


She obtained certificates in coaching for endurance performance, nutrition, personal training and motivational sport coaching. Lisa puts communication between coach and athlete as one of her top priorities and believes that his connection is the key to success.


Lisa is now focusing less on road races and more on (ultra) trail running, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t occasionally participate in a road race to improve her personal best.



Dr. Elena Lopez is a medical doctor and passionate ultra- trail runner. Her love for the mountains lead her to move to a mountain village in Switzerland to finish her speciality in Internal Medicine and the subspeciality of sports of medicine. Her education also includes the international Diploma in Wilderness and Expedition Medicine with focus on mountain medicine.


In her limited spare time, Elena likes to explore the limits of the human body. During the summer of 2023, Elena adquired over the span of 4 weeks the Fastest Known Time of Zermatt-Matterhorn, Verbier- Matterhorn 206km. and Davos-St Moritz 173km, absolving a 100km race a week after that.



Next to being a competitive ultrarunner( focusing on distances of 100k and over), Adriana is a certified sports nutritionist, personal trainer, and coach. This experience along with her personal ambitions have given her the perfect opportunity to research nutrition and training science in practice, experiment with new trends herself, and discover what works best for her own ultramarathon training plan.


Adriana is always there for guidance and for reinforcing holistic lifestyle habits throughout the busy lifestyle that comes with being a recreational, semi-professional, or professional athlete. She is a firm believer in working with both the body and mind and making sure they are aligned, which is why the focus in her webinars will also be on recovery and the mental aspects of endurance training.


Ellen is a physiotherapist who is specialized in sports physiotherapy. Among other methods she uses dry needling and exercises as prevention or treatment for sports injuries. She educates herself regularly to be able to look at a case from different perspectives. Therefore her next educating adventure will be acupuncture.


Ellen will search actively with you to find the cause of your problem and then look together with you for the best treatment.

You are just one step away from making your running dreams become reality

Professional expertise to help you improve your running performance

Webinars that are accessible  without previous knowledge & can be replayed

Share knowledge that is not black/ white to show the different ways on how you can improve

and all of this for less than €1 a day!

Monthly subscription

20 Monthly
  • Personal feedback training plan
  • Webinars given by professionals
  • Tools to improve your running based on scientific evidence

90-day subscription

15 Monthly
  • Personal feedback training plan
  • Webinars given by professionals
  • Tools to improve your running based on scientific evidence
Still have questions? Find your question below or don’t hesitate to send us a message on Whatsapp (+324 56 56 67 74) 

Yes, but we highly suggest to be present so you have the option to ask your questions directly to the coach.

We don’t believe in general training plans since every runner is different, but every month you will have the possibility to send the training plan you made for yourself to receive feedback on your trainings. We believe in ‘learning by doing’ and therefore we want to give feedback rather than just giving you a template that 80% of the time won’t help you improve. 

There are two different packages: a monthly and 3 month package. The first one renews on a monthly basis, the second one every 3 months. 

Then this group coaching is actually really something for you! In our community group we focus on inspiring others and keeping motivation high. We also offer tools and advice on how to fit in your trainings in your daily schedule. You have nothing to lose, but a lot to win.

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