Men, women, girls, boys, X, … every one experiences some struggles during their life with their weight. If you ask people what the most terrifying is, most of them will answer that gaining weight is something that they are ‘afraid’ of. But should you really be?


Fat vs muscles


To speak from personal experience, I have gained during Corona 1-1,5kg. In the beginning, I found it hard to cope with this and accept the weight gain. However, this was actually not a bad thing at all.


Due to more intensive and specific training, I gained a lot of muscles and those simply weight more than fat. If I look at what I can do now (speed, distance, …) and compare that with the period that is was lighter, I have to admit that earlier I could only dream of the results that I have right now.

Although many people use the scale to see progress, this is actually not the best way.


Your weight fluctuates daily and simply because of some foods that we eat that are more prone to retain water, make your more bloated, slow down digestion etc. Hence, a scale will never tell you the whole story of how your progress is going.


A better way would be to measure it in for example more weights you can lift, more K’s you can log or a higher speed you can run with less fatigue.


Those actions will give you a better insight whether or not you have made progress.


Or simply by looking in the mirror and not being too harsh for our selves will show whether or not you are on the ‘right’ track.


But at the end you have to think which will make you the happiest; living your life/ winning that race with maybe 1 or 2 kg’s extra or looking like todays ‘perfect body’ image but constantly watching what you eat?

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