Hi, I am Katrien of Fitters By Witters

There are those crazy people who get up at 5 in the morning to go for a walk and catch the sunrise. Yep, I’m one of those 😀

I absolutely love sports. As a small toddler I started gymnastics, as an adolescent I switched to football and now I am completely into Crossfit, walking and cycling.

For me, sports equals pure relaxation. It’s the only way I can set my mind to 0; the ideal way to start the day energetically and to feel fitter in your own skin.

Being FIT for me is Enjoying with a big E.

If you are working out so much, healthy food & nutrition related to your sports performance is also something that should arouse your interest. That’s how it happened that I followed a course to become a Nutrition Consultant, with special focus to “Nutrition and Sports & Nutrition”.

I have always been someone who likes to stand behind her cooking pots and who prefers to prepare healthy, but above all tasty dishes. Preparing healthy meals is standard in my schedule; even on busier days. I can reassure you that healthy cooking doesn’t always have to be difficult.

I just enjoy healthy food by experimenting with all kinds of recipes and making them the healthiest version or the quick version 😊 I share this with you via my @fitters_by_witters Instagram account.

Are you looking for a healthier, and above all fitter, lifestyle? Then I will be happy to help you on your way to learning new, healthy “eating habits”. With small adjustments and a different mindset you can go very far & you can just keep enjoying the little ‘guilty’ pleasures.

Take care of your body & give it the necessary portion of energy it deserves.

We go for fresh, healthy & powerful 👊🏻

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