Since the first month of this new year is almost over, I want to do a little reflection on how it has been. And then especially after the holidays when a lot of people feel like they have gained ‘a lot of weight’.



During the holidays we like to treat ourselves and indulge in all the family xmas dinners where we drink and eat a little bit more than usual (around +/- 1000kcal a day more).


Therefore after the holidays a lot of people complain about a sudden spike in their scale weight. However, this does not necessarily mean that they also gained a lot of extra weight because of the following reasons:


1) You are more likely to eat food that you normally do not frequently eat during the year so as a response your body will retain more water which causes a spike on the scale;


2) Due to the countless parties and more drinking, you will feel more tired and less in the mood to workout (which is okay!). Nonetheless, less movement causes less actively burned calories so your body needs less energy (=calories) to keep on going and will store the remaining ones in your body cells;


3) to actually gain one kg of weight you need to eat approximately 7000kcal (1)


Getting rid of the extra weight


Just as easy as it is to gain those extra kilograms, it is also easy to again lose them.


All you need to do is roll back into your previous routine of eating healthy, being active and doing sports every now and then. You will not notice a difference from one day to another, but if you try to do it consistently you will notice a difference soon.


And even if you don’t get rid immediately of this ‘extra weight’ then you just have to think of it like this: there will be more of you to love. ❤️


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(1) BodyMattersAustralia, & Treasure, J. (2010, November). How much do I need to eat to put on weight?
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