I think (or at least hope so) that many people got a wake-up call during the pandemic that your health should always be your priority. I am not saying that everyone should have a fitness body or run marathons but having a good balance between working out occasionally and eating healthy most of the time should not sound too weird.


I agree that having a fitness subscription often costs a lot of money. But if you go to a sports store, for example Decathlon, and you buy a yoga mat, some weights and some resistance bands you can already do a lot and the total price will be around 30-40€ for material that can keep you fit all year round (in comparison with a fitness subscription that can go up to more than 800€ annually…).

Nonetheless, when it comes to material such as running shoes you should not go for the cheapest option but rather for quality. If you buy the wrong shoes (or keep using your old pair too long) you will end up with injuries. So, better one good investment that you can use for at least a year than some that you will need to replace after a couple of months or that makes you go to a physical therapist.


Everyone has 24h in a day. It just depends on how you spend your time. But saying that you do not have ‘enough time to work out’ is a weak excuse. It just means that it is (not yet) your priority. However, the benefits of exercising regularly are incredible so it is worth investing time into it. How I make sure that I have enough time for my trainings is making a weekly schedule. I first put my trainings into my planning and then I start planning my other activities (work, social gatherings, me-time, …) around it.

As said before, a gym subscription can cost a lot. Nonetheless, buying some basic equipment costs a lot less than a new phone, 2-3 fancy dinners or a city trip. I know we all ‘need’ these things to relax, but when it all comes down, do you really want to compromise on your health in order to have these things?

I am not saying that you are not allowed some treat from time to time, but many people nowadays see an investment in health a ‘waste of money’ or not important enough and sooner or later, they will regret this decision.

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