It’s okay to take a break

It's okay to take a break

Body talk

Many people automatically start thinking that something is seriously wrong if I tell them I am not really running at this moment. But why I wonder? It is true that running is a huge part of my life, and that I absolutely love it. However, at this moment I am not enjoying running as much as I used to. My body is also giving me signs that I should focus on something else for a while (more strength and mobility exercises) and I learned through past experiences that it is really important to listen to those signals.


I am still in Barcelona, Spain, and it seems like I am not planning on going back to Belgium any time soon. I am living near Parc Guëll (lovely neighbourhood) but also with a lot of hills. That does not really make my running much easier. If I want to run a bit more kilometers, I need to cross a lot of streets and that is also not something I really like. So yeah, that could also be a reason why I am currently not enjoying my running so much. Who knows…


Although I am not running, I am loving my life 100% and I am enjoying my time to the fullest. I wake up every day around 6:30 for an energising morning walk and then around 11AM I do a mobility or strength workout. It feels good and my body is happy, so what more can I ask for?

People should connect more with their body and how they feel instead of always wanting to go 200%. A break is not necessarily a bad thing, although it has this bad connotation. Believe me, I will come back much stronger and completely energised after this small intermezzo.

And you, do you occasionally take a break?



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