Good start of my second week of my training block with a less happy ending.

New week

After my 50K weekend, I had a surprisingly well Monday. I was a bit sore and tired, but nothing too alarming. I had a very relaxing day at the Belgium coast, which gave me a much needed mental boost. I feel like this is often skipped, but being mentally prepared for the upcoming trainings is also very important.

After my little mental recharge, it was time again to put in some trainings. An easy 16K followed the next day by a horrendous 14K interval (it went well, but I am not such a big fan of lactic acid in my legs…). In between some more strength trainings and I was feeling stronger after every training.

Trail run

Listen to signals

My grandparents and I had rented a little house in the Ardennen so I could practice my trail running (and altitude) a bit the coming weeks. However, when I did my first training on Saturday, I felt something that wasn’t feeling alright in my ankle. When I woke up on Sunday, it had only gotten worse so I decided to not go for a run, but instead a small hike.

Although I enjoyed the hike and the snow (and international peanut butter day), I must admit that I felt rather disappointed about my ankle… Lets hope that next weeks will be better and it was just a temporarily hiccup.

Fingers crossed 🍀

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