Sleep is for the weak is not entirely true. Sleep is for those who appreciate their body and are not afraid to set a step back.

Energy levels

I felt even more tired than whilst I was writing my latest blog post. I completely stopped training (no indoor cycling, no strength training) and although I almost did nothing, I needed several naps throughout the day. Even with a lot more sleep, I also needed a minimum of 9h of sleep during the night. I was getting worried with how low my energy levels were, so I booked a doctor’s appointment.


On Thursday, I went to the doctor. She took some blood for examination, but this is nothing too special since I do this every year. It is really important if you are following a plant based diet, to check your blood every year to see if you have any deficits.

A day later, my results came back. I did not have COVID nor was anything wrong with my blood. Thus, my doctor concluded that I was ‘simply’ overtrained and needed to rest.


Normally if you are overtrained, you start noticing this due to an increase in your heart rate or if you progress starts slowing down/ diminishing. Since this was actually the complete opposite (my heart rate has never been lower and every training I kept making progress) I was rather surprised. However, my body urged me to take some rest so that’s what I will be doing the coming days (weeks if needed).

I will keep you posted with hopefully a more enthusiastic post next week!

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