A new week, filled with snow, many layers, slippery roads and lots of fun (& good news!)


After a couple of days (which felt like weeks) doing nothing (except for sleeping) I finally started feeling better again. I tried some running, 4x 5minutes of running and 1 minute of walking, and this went GREAT. At the end, I was only very tired, but hey! I could run again.

To cheer me up, my best friend and I went sleighing. Or rather, we played sleigh dog on turns with a snowboard and the other person running in front of it with a rope. We had sooo much fun doing this. We both felt kids again, and I am sure we also looked like this to the other people.

How much I love running

As the week continued, I started to feel more and more energetic again. I tried some short workouts and some easy runs. It felt amazing to be moving again, although I noticed I still had to be careful to not overdo myself.

Whilst I was on one of my easy 5K’s, the following thought occurred to me:

“How much I love to be able to run. Not necessarily fast, nor long, just the feeling of running is amazing”

I believe that if I would not have had any injuries this year, I would never understood this feeling so deeply.


And then, the highlight of this week: Sunday aka birthday. Although I am not really allowed to do a lot due to the restrictions, I actually really loved my birthday. I went for a lovely morning run which was followed by an amazing Danish brunch. Later we did a lot of hiking in the last bits of snow and in the evening, my dad prepared one of my favourite dishes: spicy eggplant out of the oven with beans.

So yeah, this week was all about appreciating the little things. For those who want to see how happy my best friend and I looked during our sleighing, keep on scrolling to see the video.

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