Run with more knowledge

This 12-week program is suitable for both starting runners and runners who want to gain more knowledge.

What we focus on during the running with more knowledge programme?

You get a personalised training plan adapted to your social calendar

Each week we focus on a different aspect of running (shoes, clothing, watch, running posture, setting running goals, …). 

I explain and give you clear exercises on how to start injury-free running

Hi, I am Lisa ☺️

I am an avid runner myself, but this has not always been the case.  


I once started with a ’12-week start to run’ programme myself, but to be perfectly honest, I stopped at week 7…. 


Fast forward to now, several marathons and ultra’s later, I have set myself the goal of making as many people as possible fall in love with this beautiful sport. 

How the next 12-weeks will look like?

Focus week 1-4

The basics (shoes, clothes, watch, running earphones), running technique & nutrition

Focus week 5-8

Injury free running: how do I do this?

Focus week 9-12

The benefits of strength training + specific exercises, nutrition during your trainings & setting of running goals

+ a personalised running schedule that takes into account your social calendar. 

What runners say about Lis(t)a Coaching

Are you (almost) convinced to start?

Here’s what to expect: 

  • A personalised 12-week trainings plan  
  • After every 4 weeks, a personal online meeting with your coach
  • A lot of knowledge and practical tips on how to run injury-free 
  • A motivated coach ready to help you where needed


for only 299,99€ 

*an running injury will cost you an average of 450€ + a lot of frustration 

You are just one step away from making your running dreams become reality

Still have questions? Find your question below or don’t hesitate to send me a message on Whatsapp (+324 56 56 67 74) 

A pair of running shoes and lots of energy to start together! 

For best results, 3x/week is a must, but if you can’t do it every week, no problem. With 2x/ week, you will also already achieve results for sure. 

That’s where your coach is for! Together, we will look at how best to schedule your workouts that you genuinely are looking forward to your trainings.

Yes indeed (although this is very unlikely to happen)! If you can prove that you have followed all my tips and trainings and still don’t have any results, I will refund you everything 100%. I don’t want to earn anything if you don’t get results.

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