Student vs Coach vs Athlete vs Friend

September. The start of a new university year. For some also the start of a new sport or the start of a new season, a new job, … Whilst we were so ‘free’ during summer, we all need to find a new rhythm for our daily life.


Student vs Coach vs Athlete vs Friend

Last year, I was on Erasmus in Valencia and due to my marathon preparation, I decided to split my last year in two. Hence, this year I have to take up the last part of my third and final year. Although this might seem as not so much of a workload, I still have to write my Bachelor Thesis which apparently is not a walk in the park.


In March I have started my own coaching company, Lis(t)a Coaching. I never could have dreamed how well all of this is going and I am forever grateful for all my athletes and the enthusiasm that I receive daily. However, it requires a lot of time and once university has started again, I will have to find a way to make it all fit in.


Because besides being my own boss (sounds pretty cool saying that) and a student, I am also an athlete. Although there are not that many competitions going on at the moment, I have put my mind on something that I hopefully will accomplish on the 17th of October. Nonetheless, at this moment, I am hardly prepared at all and my goal is only six weeks away… BUT I do believe that I can make it happen, especially with some smart training.


Maybe even most importantly, without the support of my friends, all of the above would not be possible. Therefore, having adequate time to meet up with them is very important for me too.


In order to have all of the above in my life (and obviously a lot more too as well), a good time management is so important. Luckily, I have learned how to master this over the years, but I am not quite sure yet how I will combine all of this one more time. However, I am determined to finish my last year of university gracefully and I am looking forward to what to future might has planned for me.



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