On Sunday the 6th of December my dad and I subscribed to our first 70K. Excited. Anxious. Happy. Doubting. Those feelings rushed to me after I received the confirmation e-mail that I had successfully subscribed to my first ultra trail that will take place on May the 1st.

Immediately afterwards I started researching the best ways to train towards this big event. I found A LOT of different training tactics. Which, let me assume you, did not really calm down my nerves. However, after reading some blogs and watching some Youtube-videos, I soon discovered a silver lining: we would have to train A LOT.

All good, but I am still building up towards my ‘normal’ weekly volume (the amount of kilometers I run in a week), so a steady buildup will be key in succeeding. However, once I started putting all the pieces together to make a draft for our coming weeks/ months, I felt a lot more confident.

This week I have mostly been focusing on gathering information, adjusting the training plan and double checking everything. It will be a huge adventure, but I am more than happy to take on this challenge and see where I will end up. LETS BRING IT ON!

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xo Lisa

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