New training block with some medical testing and a lot of kilometers.

VO2 max

In order to be allowed to run Trail du Grand Ballon, I need to upload a medical certificate that I am fit enough. Thus, I had to undergo a medical examination and what better time to also perform a VO2 max test. (It is the maximum amount oxygen your body uses. The higher this is, the better you are able to perform.)

I ended up with a VO2 of 52, which is as you can see in the table below very good. I was also advised to start focusing more on the details, since I still have a huge potential to tap into. To be honest, I was not expecting this and had to sink it in a little bit. (More text underneath table)

Snow trails

Friday evening a friend of mine asked if someone was up to some trail running Saturday. So that’s what we did.

We went for a 28K trail in de Hoge Venen (Belgium) and we expected some snow, but not the amount we were faced with. Although it was absolutely lovely to be running in snow, it also makes running 1000x harder and especially if there is no path and sink in knee deep.

Consequently we spent 5h conquering the snow, but we also had a lot of fun in the meantime and took a lot of photos. (More text underneath table)

VO2 max and trails
VO2 max and trails

Mud trails

Normally, my dad and I had planned a 30K trail on Sunday and I was first doubting if I should do it, but my body felt quite okay so I took on the challenge.

The terrain was totally different: mud instead of snow so running felt much easier, but I also felt that my muscles were more tired than yesterday (which is normal I would say haha). Also my stomach was acting up, so I stopped after 22K instead of running the full distance. It is very important to listen to your body if you ask so much about it. It is much better to stop if something doesn’t feel totally fine instead of pushing it and getting injured.

One more ‘normal’ trainings week and then I will be heading for the Belgium hills to have a trainings week with more elevation. Bring it onnnn

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