⁠Fitters zucchine-carrot pasta with butternut sauce and cottage cheese

Time to experiment with the ingredients I still had in my fridge. Including butternut, spinach, chestnut mushroom, carrot & zucchini. ⁠


I ran out of pasta, so I chose to use the carrot and zucchini as pasta strands. And the butternut I used to make a delicious sauce. 


Furthermore, a plate full of healthy vitamins with the delicious vegetables. The spinach that provides extra iron. The chestnut mushrooms that have a slightly fuller taste than the regular variant. These are a good supplier of B-complex vitamins. These vitamins ensure that your nervous system functions properly and releases energy.


To ensure that we are also satiated after this meal, I choose a healthy portion of protein, namely Cottage Cheese.


And yes, the flavors were good 😀 I’m already a fan of this VEGGIE Fitters creation


⁠Ingredients (1 pers):⁠

⁠💚 1/4 butternut
💚 100gr chestnut mushroom⁠
💚 1/3 zucchini⁠
💚 2 carrots⁠
💚 100gr spinach⁠
💚 3 tablespoons cottage cheese⁠
💚 80ml hot water⁠
💚 Fresh parsley
💚 pepper & salt – paprika powder – garlic powder – nutmeg⁠
💚 Olive oil
💚 Spirelli cutter⁠



Preheat the oven to 180°.⁠


Cut the butternut into small cubes (skin can remain on). Place these on an oven tray with baking paper & season with paprika, pepper & salt + sprinkle with a little olive oil and toss together.


Place in the oven for 30 minutes.⁠

Wash the vegetables.


Grate the carrots & cut 1 carrot into cubes.⁠


Use the spirelli cutter & make strings of the other carrot and the zucchini.


Cut the mushrooms into small pieces.⁠


Take a cooking pot and add a little olive oil.


Stew the carrot cubes and add 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder.


After 3 minutes add the mushrooms and season with paprika & salt & pepper.


After 5 minutes, place the vegetable spirelli on top of the vegetables in the cooking pot and let it stew for a while.


Meanwhile, arrange the spinach leaves on a plate.


Remove the butternut from the oven and place the cubes in a mixer.


Add 80ml warm water + 1 Kl paprika powder + 1 Kl nutmeg + 1 tablespoon cottage cheese.


Mix everything well into a sauce & season with salt & pepper.


Then place the vegetable spirelli on the spinach and add the cubes of mushroom & carrot.


Pour the butternut sauce over it.


Finish with 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, fresh parsley, pepper & salt.


💚 I hope this veggie dish can taste you too


Be sure to let us know if you have made this dish; share it on your socials & don’t forget to tag me @fitters_by_witters – #fittersbywitters

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