Strength training for runners

For those that want to stay injury free and improve their overall performance. 

Strength training to become faster AND stay injury free


In this programme we will focus on exercises that help you become a better runner overall. 

Strength training for trail runners


In this programme we will focus on exercises that help you prepare for you next trail adventure. 


Not convinced (yet)?

Questions & answers

Not at all! You can do all the workouts at home. The only thing I recommend to buy is a resistance band (but even that is not mandatory).

Every workout is between 30-40min, if you respect the pauzes. I made them this ‘short’ to be sure that 1) you would stay motivated to do them and 2) they don’t take up too much of your time. 

If you do the workouts consistently and follow the plan, you should start noticing a difference after +/- 6 weeks, however, this is different for every individual. 

Every workout is accompanied by an instruction video that shows clearly how an exercise should be performed.

You are always more than welcome to record a video and send it to me. I will happily take a look at it and help you.

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