Are You Ready for Trail Adventures?

Lis(t)a Coaching focuses on helping trailrunners reach new heights and be 200% prepared to face the mountains. 


This is achieved through personalised training plans and a good, open communication between coach and athlete. 

Personalised Training Plan​

Every trail runner is unique and has different training possibilities therefore every training plan is tailored to the specific needs of the athlete.

Stronger Trail Runner

Work on your power as a trailrunner with my strength training program that is specifically designed for trail runners to reach new heights.

Improved Technique

Uphill, downhill, on the flat, … Lis(t)a Coaching is here to guide you to improve your running technique and to help you become a better overall runner.

The Packages


90€/ month


119€/ month

Not convinced (yet) about training together with Lis(t)a Coaching?

Lets get started!

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