She said ‘yes’ after 100K

An adventure with a big happy ending

Follow the coast is a relay race following the coast of Europe Spain and Portugal. The total distance is divided by teams and every team needs to run 100K. The teams needs to carry a symbol with them and give it to the next team in line upon arrival.

Olivier contacted Lis(t)a Coaching 3 months before the start of the challenge with the question ‘Is this possible? I can train whatever it takes’. So that’s what we did, Olivier and Lisa trained hard for 3 months to get Olivier in his best shape ever to take on the challenge of running 100K along the coast of Portugal. 

When training for such a distance, not only you physical state is important but also your nutrition. Your nutrition is also vital and that was a little obstacle in Olivier his trainings. He almost never ate breakfast, lunch occasionally and mostly dinner. So far from perfect… 


However, with some little tweaks, we managed to improve this without putting too much extra stress on his stomach/ body and throughout his whole challenge, he didn’t experience one moment of GI distress (stomach issues). 

As cherry on the pie (because finishing successfully a 100K isn’t ‘enough’), he proposed at the finish line to his girl friend. Disclaimer: she said yes 💍 

Helping Olivier achieve this challenge has once again proved that if someone really wants something and is willing to put in the effort, that everything is possible. 

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