Become a faster runner without injuries

Are you also done with consecutive injuries or you are stuck at the same level without improving? Then this is the program for you! After this 12-week program I promise you will be a stronger and faster runner with less risk of getting injured.

in this 12-week strength training program for runners you can expect the following:

Specific exercises to be able to run faster. 

Injury prevention to make your weak spots stronger so you won’t be hold back anymore because of injuries.

Extra tips to get the most out of your trainings.

Hi! I am Lisa Geybels.

I am a very passionate runner myself and over the past years I have studied a lot of different theoretical courses about running. The knowledge gained during these courses in combination with my own experiences helps me to support runners for the full 200% in reaching their goals. 


Unfortunately, I also had to deal with some injuries, however, I learned how to get stronger out of them. And this knowledge I want to share with you in this 12-week strength program made for runners. 

How this works?

Every week you can download your training plan of that week and you also get access to video’s where I will be showing you how you can perform the exercises correctly

And some weeks even include an extra bonus video to give you more knowledge about why some specific exercises are good for you & some extra training tips.

At the end of the 12-week strength program I will explain to you have you can keep repeating this program AND improve. 

Not convinced (yet)?

You are only one step away of becoming a better, faster and injury free runner.

Tthis is the exact same schedule I followed myself to become stronger during and after my injuries. 

Questions & answers

Not at all! You can do all the workouts at home. The only thing I recommend to buy is a resistance band (but even that is not mandatory).

Every workout is between 30-40min, if you respect the pauzes. I made them this ‘short’ to be sure that 1) you would stay motivated to do them and 2) they don’t take up too much of your time. 

If you do the workouts consistently and follow the plan, you should start noticing a difference after +/- 6 weeks, however, this is different for every individual. 

Every workout is accompanied by an instruction video that shows clearly how an exercise should be performed.

You are always more than welcome to record a video and send it to me. I will happily take a look at it and help you.

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