16-week marathon preparation

This 16-week program is suitable for people who want to run their first marathon but also for everyone who wants to gain more knowledge and run his/ her perfect marathon.

What we focus on during this 16-week marathon preparation programme?

You will receive a personalised training plan adapted to your social calendar and level.

A lot of knowledge about everything related to running  a marathon (material, stretching, nutrition, pre-race day, …) 

Strength training to stay injury free and improve your performance

Hi, I am Lisa ☺️

I am an avid runner myself, but this has not always been the case.  


I once started with a ’12-week start to run’ programme myself, but to be perfectly honest, I stopped at week 7…. 


Fast forward to now, several marathons and ultra’s later, I have set myself the goal of making as many people as possible fall in love with this beautiful sport. For me it is really important to have a good connection with my athletes, therefore I put communication as one of my most important coaching pillars. 

What are the focus points of the next 16-weeks?

Focus 1

Personalised training plan tailored to your level and goals.

Focus 2

Strength training to make you a stronger, faster and injury free runner.

Focus 3

All the information you need to know to become your best running version.

What athletes say about being coached by Lis(t)a Coaching

Still have questions? Do not hesitate to contact me and we can always schedule a FREE online meeting without further obligations. 

A pair of running shoes and lots of energy to start together! I recommend before starting a marathon plan, to be able to already run half a marathon. 

For a half marathon I recommend 3x running/ week and for a marathon 4x running/ week. However, the training plans are tailored to every athlete and additional/ complementary sports can be included without problem. 

Another reason to work together with a coach! I watch out for overtraining, adjust your training plan where needed and work closely together with a physio therapist to offer the best possible service to my athletes. 

No, I made the strength training so it is possible to do them from home. Every training is accompanied with a video so it also feels like we are working out together.

A lot of runners ‘just start running’ and often get injured because of the lack of knowledge. I put all my knowledge about running in this course (which stays available forever once you have bought it) & I keep updating it frequently to keep you updated about new scientific evidence to really help you become the best running version of yourself.

Yes indeed (although this is very unlikely to happen)! If you can prove that you have followed all my tips and trainings and still don’t have any results, I will refund you 100%. I don’t want to earn anything if you don’t get the results you signed-up for.

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