It's adventure time!

We all love it: vacation. But it is not always easy to keep on running on holiday. Here are some tips that I always use when I’m abroad.

Make a plan

Check in advance where you want to run and if necessary save this route on your mobile phone or watch. Then you also know how much you are going to run (so you won’t be faced with unpleasant surprises) and you don’t have to find out all the time which street you should take next.

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Running abroad

VERY important, and I can’t stress this enough, is to let someone know where you’re going for a run, approximately how long you’ll be on the road, and if possible, even share your live location. It is better to share a little too much than too little and your travel companions will certainly appreciate this too.

Choose your time

Do this to avoid the heat as well as for strange figures as much as possible. Especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings you can sometimes encounter dodgy people on the street when you go for your morning run. Try to wait until there is a bit of light before you go out.

Safety always comes first

If you don’t really feel safe on the street, don’t go for your run. We have a gut feeling for something and ignoring this often gets us into trouble. Skipping a workout isn’t the end of the world either 🙂

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