My first trail running camps are a fact and they were amazing.

Sharing my passion for the trails with inspiring women has always been a dream of mine and this became reality during the past two weeks. 



Want to know what we did and what to expect if you ever want to participate? Then you should keep on reading 😉

Week 1


Thursday the 10th of November was D-Day. The very first day of Lis(t)a Coaching first trail running camp. 



To say that I was nervous is an understatement.


However, once all the participants had arrived and installed themselves, we had a lovely tapas dinner prepared by me and Michke and got the opportunity to get to know each other. 



When we woke up the next day, I could feel the excitement in the air for the first trail run together. We ran 14K with already 600 D+ and everyone finished with a big smile on their face and hungry for more. 



The next day we took it a bit easier and with more focus on technique on the trails, since on Sunday we had a race planned. After an easy 8K trail and another lovely lunch, some workshops followed given by me and Michke.

Trail race 


On Sunday morning it was time to put everything they had learned over the past days into practice during a local trail race. Every woman had decided to change her distance to a longer one, so everyone was quite nervous at the start. 



But every one finished with a smile from ear to ear and hungry for more. To celebrate everyone’s victory, we drove to Castelldefels to have a nice Spanish lunch next to the sea. 



Tired, but very satisfied, we returned to recharge our batteries for the last day. 



On Monday, the last full day of the camp, we visited Barcelona and enjoyed some well-deserved glasses of sangria and tapas. After all, when in Spain you need to enjoy the local cuisine (and drinks) too ☺️

Smiling faces after a succesful trail race

Week 2


Before I knew it, the first camp had come to an end. But a lot of time to rest wasn’t there, because the participants of the second trail camp would arrive in two days. 



After restocking on carbs, I was more than ready to welcome the second group. 



With this group, we first did a nice trail in Barcelona to get used to this way of running and the second day we drove to Parque Garraf for a trail of 18K. 



18K of beautiful views, laughter and fun later, we ended the day watching the sunset in Castelldefels before heading back to enjoy a well-deserved rest. 


Sunsets and mountains


Since there was no race planned this time, we decided to wake up early anyone and to go watch the sunrise. Although it was cold, we got rewarded with a beautiful one. 


As said before, we had no race scheduled this day, so we decided to take a rest day and some of the group went to Barcelona to stroll a little bit around and to enjoy a lovely sunny Sunday with some sangria and tapas (balance is key people 😉). 


The last day of the camp, Monday, we decided that everyone had enough experience to discover some more technical trails. We drove to Montserrat, where we got welcomed with a cold wind, lots of clouds and an occasional shower. Anyway, that didn’t stop us, and like real trail runners we conquered the cold. 



This is only the beginning


And again way too soon it was time to say goodbye…


I am still high on adrenaline of the past two weeks, and although it was also very exhausting, I can’t put into words how much energy all these powerful and inspiring ladies have given me. 


I can feel that this is the start of a beautiful dream turning into reality 💚



Are you totally inspired by this and also want to get the opportunity to experience this yourself? Then leave your e-mail here and you will be the first to know about upcoming adventures! 

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