How a Sport Makes You a Different Person

To some people this might sound crazy, but I really believe that running changes you as a person. Whenever I am struggling with something in my daily life, I subconsciously start comparing it with my trainings or what I learned from them. Funny, isn’t it?

Never underestimate yourself

If my trainings have so far thought me one thing, it would be to never underestimate myself. I actually tend to do that quite often and every time I get pleasantly surprised. You are often capable of handling more than you initially thought you could.

I am an intelligent woman who is good in school (never any retakes) . But when I did my marathon preparation during my exam period, I often thought I would not get the results I was aiming for (school and training). However, I received excellent results for my exams AND improved my PB on the marathon with 25 minutes.

Clear view

How a sport makes you a different person

Before I went to San Diego for 6 months, I never really appreciated nature. However, this dramatically changed there and now I can’t imagine me living somewhere without having a park close-by. If I feel I am getting stressed or that I need to take a break, I automatically choose for some kind of physical activity. It helps me clear my mind and thoughts and spurs my creativity too.

The idea to actually start with Lis(t)a Coaching was formed during a hike in Santiago. I had just finished a trail run with my dad and was going for another walk with my parents. I remember that I felt so at peace and energetic and at that moment, I received a message from a friend with some questions related to running. And from one thing came another…

Perseverance and dedication

If I had to ask my close friends or family to describe me with some adjectives, then those would certainly be named. But they all have to do with running. I also have days that I really do not feel like training nor going outside. However, I have learned that great things do not come easy and that every training has its purpose. So yes, even if I struggle I will show up and give it my best shot.

When I first started with my bachelor degree, I had never had any sort of accounting. One of the courses in my first year was Financial Accounting and the passing rate was around 60% (for those who already had some pre-knowledge). However, I studied every day and did not give up and eventually received a 15/20 for my exam.

These are just a few examples on how running has already changed my life. I can keep on adding things to the list, but I am sure you also have some experiences that are very interesting to share. So please let me know, I am curious to hear yours!



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